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A Constant
in Your Contracting World

As a contractor we know that you’re used to change.

We know the frustrations that come with having to constantly manage recruiters, agencies, payroll providers and all of the requests they make upon your time, time you should be spending doing your job. We’re here to ensure that each time roles or providers change, that change is just a click of a button for you. Contractor.com: your passport to simplified contracting. Bliss.

One Form To Rule Them All!

When you enrol with Contractor.com, you provide all of the usual information required by your agency and client just once. No matter how many agencies or providers you then work with, your forms are already done.

Navigating your way around constantly shifting compliance requirements and Preferred Supplier Lists whilst trying to secure the best rate for your services can be frustrating and unrewarding. With Contractor.com, you will be able to access the right services for you, safe in the knowledge that those services have been endorsed by your recruiter, by contractors like yourself and by Contractor.com.

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Your Contracting Life
All In One Place

Everything Where You Put It, When You Need It

With constant requests for paperwork each time you change agency or provider, having access to the information they’re asking for can make the difference between getting paid for your work or missing out. With Contractor Vault, you have a secure place where you can securely store the kind of information that you’ll be asked for time and time again. Better still, we’ll even send you reminders if any of your documents are due to expire so you can be confident that when you’re asked for them, you can send them with a single click.

It's easy to find more work...

At the click of a single button you can let your recruitment consultant know that you're ready to take on a new contract. Set them to work matching your skills, location and expectations so you can continue your earnings without a break.
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