Contracting in the IT Sector: IT Professionals

Enabling flexible independent work

For IT professionals who are focused on delivering the best software solutions to their clients, the day-to-day efforts involved in maintaining a Personal Service Company and dealing with contractor expenses can be challenging.

So, if you need someone to help with the strain of running your own business, is well placed to provide tailored support and information to IT professionals.

Whether you’re a software consultant, a project manager or a senior analyst, we can help you with
matters including:

  • Contractor insurance – confused by public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance? We can guide you through the different types of insurance and point you towards trusted insurance brokers.
  • Running a limited company – if you need help managing expenses, dealing with the complexities of corporation tax and dividends, (invoicing Multiple clients) or finding time to file your company reports, can recommend specialist accountants who can help.
  • Getting great rates – As an IT professional, you’re in demand. Find out how to maximise your income and minimise your tax liabilities, whilst getting some tips on negotiating the best IT contractor rates.

There’s no need to drown in admin – our free resources can point you in the right direction. At we have access to all the best people you need to succeed – both as an IT consultant and as your own boss.