Role Ready Contractors
Delivered Directly To You

There are ‘leads’ and then there are L-E-A-D-S. The leads you get from Contractor.com are unique.
Each lead is a direct request from a Role Ready contractor who has a contract, full KYC and compliance documentation, who understands your services and has been actively pointed in your direction to sort out their payroll requirements. Bliss.
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How Does It Work?

Contractor.com has been designed to simplify the journey a contractor takes every time they secure a new placement. It means that they stay Role Ready and can send all their joining documents to you with just one click!
We help contractors to:
  • Keep their important documents in one place
  • Communicate with their agency
  • Enable their agency to agree PSL payroll providers

By the time we introduce you to the contractor, everything else has been taken care of. You just let them know why they should choose you.

Good Work!

Recognising You In The Payroll Marketplace

The payroll marketplace is extremely competitive and enabling your business to stand out from the crowd often requires expensive promotions and certificates. But it doesn't have to.

With Contractor.com, your contractors provide feedback that will be reviewed by hundreds of other contractors looking for a payroll provider.

This helps you secure your place on PSL's and ensures
that your potential customers can be confident in their payroll choice based on their interaction with you and the objective voices of their contracting peers.

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