Your Candidates,
All In One Place

Keeping track of your candidates just got much easier! Contractor.com will give you a simple view of each of your candidates, their contract end dates and whether they’re set up with a payroll provider. Bliss!
You invite your candidates to Contractor.com, they fill in a few details and upload their documents. You send them your PSL, they make contact and select their favourite. That’s it. Role Ready for this placement, and the next and the next, all simply displayed for you on Contractor.com.

Keeping Your Candidates in the Right Place

So, let’s start to slim down your inbox and stop all those Preferred Supplier Lists ricocheting around!

With the constantly shifting compliance landscape and Preferred Supplier Lists under constant review, it’s important that you can ensure your candidates make the right selection for them and for you. With the Contractor.com PSL Panel, you can modify and communicate your PSL with the click of a button but also keep an eye on candidate feedback on the PSL you’re offering and alternatives that your client may suggest.

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No One Gets Left Behind!

All too often sorting out a payroll provider is the last thing that your candidates think about, until they need to get paid!

Whoever your candidate is choosing from your PSL, Contractor.com ensures that you have visibility of whether their payroll provider is in place and ready to go, or whether you need to lend a hand to get things back on track.

Points Worth Knowing About

Reward Points



Did we mention the Points?

Well, alongside being able to quickly identify any aspect that will stop your contractor from being paid correctly and on time, you can earn Contractor.com Reward Points that can be converted to a dedicated Contractor.com Benefits Card or used to get access to other contractors to build your book size. So, you get the benefits of coordinating the tasks you undertake anyway and earn points for doing so.